High Pressure Water Jetting

Here at Acro we offer a range of unblocking services to ensure the solution to every problem.

High pressure water jetting provides the fastest solution to remove debris and clear away drain blockages. Over time your drains interior builds up dust, dirt, film, oxidation, grease leading to degradation of the water flow and even the drainage system. These pollutants may cause your drains to be blocked and back up. High pressure washing removes all these contaminants leaving the interior of your drains clean and open to carry away the waste water.

We use our Harben 4000psi water jetter, with up to 100m of hose to allow us to reach drains in almost any location.


High pressure water jetting removes some of the following problems from your system.

  • Silt and debris
  • Grease deposits and build up
  • Oxidation and contaminents
  • Tree roots
  • Obstructions
  • General build ups and blockages